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Hillyard Equalizer®Ultra High Solids Floor Finish 553

Hillyard Equalizer®Ultra High Solids Floor Finish 553

Equalizer, an ultra high solids finish only requires 3 coats for maximum shine. Patented polymers make for a #next generation# formula. Equalizer will significantly lower the cost of clean by providing far less labor to the stripping and reapplication process than was ever thought possible. No seal is necessary unless the floor is extremely porous. Equalizer has excellent dirt resistance. It provides resistance to black marks, scuffs, scratches, and heel marks. Little to no buffing is required. Once floors are coated with Equalizer, daily/weekly maintenance is much easier. Just damp mop or auto scrub the floor using Hillyard Super Shine All® or Top Clean®. Equalizer will respond brilliantly to occasional burnishing. Equalizer is tough and retains its shine longer. With improved shine and depth of gloss Equalizer will reduce in floor care costs. A cleaner looking floor over time means lower total cost to you and higher satisfaction with the appearance of the floor. Only one coat is necessary for a scrub and recoat. Equalizer seals and finishes in one operation. No need for a sealer. Although high solid finishes are typically harder to apply Equalizer goes down smooth with a flat mop applicator. Strip floors first, then apply coats with a flat mop applicator allowing 45 to 55 minutes between coats. Equalizer is conveniently packaged in one, five and 55 gallon containers and meets slip resistance using ASTM D2047 and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc’s. Method 410. Ask your Hillyard sales consultant about the benefits of coating your floors with Equalizer and how it can give you easy-to-maintain, safer floors. Just another example of high quality from Hillyard.

  • Ultra High Solids 30%
  • 2 coats equals 4 coats of other finishes
  • Saves Labor

SIZE: 5 Gallon Bag In A Box


SDS Sheet

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