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Hillyard Fleet Management – Software

Hillyard Fleet Management

Hillyard Fleet Management gives you the insight into your fleet that enhances decision-making enabling you to​ improve productivity and lower your total cost to clean.

  • ​​​Geolocation –  keep tabs on where your cleaning assets are. Quickly look at a map that shows the location of your equipment.
  • ​​Usage Data – Know who is using the equipment, how it is being used, and the productivity being realized. Get reporting on impacts so you can take corrective action that preserves your equipment and facility.
  • Health Status – Get reports on battery performance and critical systems that  simplifies troubleshooting and reduces equipment downtime.
  • ​Telemetry – view live, real-time data on your fleet. In partnership, with your Hillyard service department, use this data to troubleshoot and identify corrective actions without sight visits – lowering service costs. Remotely adjust settings to your fleet like speed, water and chemical flow, impact recording, and more.




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