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Trident – BP6VLI Cordless Backpack Vacuum 6qt

BP6VLI Cordless Backpack Vacuum 6qt


Trident BP6VLi is a light weight, cordless, lithium-ion powered, 6 quart, compact backpack vacuum designed to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

The lithium-ion battery technology delivers up to 60 minutes of untethered run-time. The backpack is a more natural way for the human body to carry the weight of a vacuum.

More productivity and lower cost. Less time also means less energy consumed. Commercial vacuums take a lot of abuse. In a typical professional grade upright vacuum there are over 50 moving parts at risk.  A backpack has a motor, a tank, a switch and a harness.

Tank Material: HDPE
Voltage: 36/-
Vacuum KPa: 8
Tank Capacity: 6 Gal
Machine Weight: 12.13 lbs
Cord Length: – Ft

  • 14″ Cleaning Path
  • Intelligent Design
  • Exceptional Engineering
  • Innovative Technology


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