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Trident – R36SS Plus Ride-on Cylindrical Sweep Scrubber

Trident - R36SC Ride-on Cylindrical Sweep Scrubber

Clean up to 54,000 sq. ft. per hour with the dual 17″ scrub heads that cover a 34″ scrubbing path.

The R36SS Plus comes standard with LED driving lights that enhance safety. The exceptionally engineered dual rear wheel drive system delivers outstanding traction, maneuverability and cleaning results with the weight of the machine and batteries centered over the drive axle unlike front wheel drive systems. Cleaning deck power is delivered with the R36SS’s consistent cleaning power engineering.

Select from one of three cleaning power levels to match the right level of power needed to remove the soil load encountered. Constant micro-adjustments of the brush deck maintain consistent amp draw on the motor and provide the ability to clean even the most aggressive surfaces without damage to the motor.

With Intelligent Drive, the operator is the center of a high-tech universe, where everything is easy and intuitive. At the touch of the screen, log- in with a password if desired, set custom work zone programs, access onboard digital video instruction, use the rear-view camera, and select the eco mode or power mode settings.

  • Intelligent Design
  • Exceptional Engineering
  • Innovative Technology

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