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Hillyard AFRC® Acid-Free Restroom Cleaner 100904

Hillyard AFRC® Acid-Free Restroom Cleaner 100904

Ready-to-use, multipurpose, non-acid, cleaner designed to clean and disinfect toilet bowls, urinals and other hard, nonporous restroom surfaces. May be used on a variety of other restroom fixtures, including ceramic tile, shower stalls, walls, sinks, bathtubs, chrome fixtures and partitions. Fungicidal against Athlete’s Foot Fungus. It is also an excellent mildewstat. Active Ingredients: n-Alkyl (C14 60%, C16 30%, C12 5%, C18 5%) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 0.09%, n-Alkyl (C12 50%, C14 30%, C16 17%, C18 3%), dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride 0.09%. Other Ingredients: 99.82%.

  • • Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes without dangerous acid fumes.
  • • Pleasant, floral fragrance.
  • • EPA registered disinfectant.

Size: 12 X 32 Ounce RTU 


SDS Sheet

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