Hillyard Touch Free Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser PAP430190

The new, single roll Hillyard® Electronic Hand Towel Dispenser offers reliable dispensing to keep
restrooms up and running. It’s engineered for demanding restroom and work environments. Durable and
easy to maintain, it delivers a hygienic, efficient, and seamless dispensing experience – all with a simple
wave of the hand.

Designed to last in busy restrooms, the Hillyard® Electronic Hand Towel Dispenser will always function as smoothly as day one. The dispenser delivers up to 80 rolls of 1,000 foot toweling with recommended batteries.* And its unique technology dispenses hand towels virtually jam-free ensuring consistent operation with each wave.

While it’s built to handle the pressures of everyday use, the Hillyard® Electronic Hand Towel Dispenser is also simple to maintain. The paper roll index allows for quick and easy loading. A translucent cover and low battery indicator light provide at a glance service. An intuitive, one-touch control panel allows staff to customize dispense mode to “on demand” or “valet” and towel length to 10″ or 18″ to meet any facility’s needs. And hygienic, one-at-a-time dispensing encourages users to take only the toweling needed, reducing waste and cost.


•  Upscale finish to withstand years of commercial use
•  Impact tested


• Consistent performance with a variety of paper grades
• Battery life up to 80 1,000 ft. rolls


• Intuitive control panel for service/settings
• Simple user operation – just wave hand or arm near sensor

SIZE: 12.32 x 15.95 x 9.32


Fits 22000 Towels

Fits 10110 Towels

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