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Antibacterial Gym Wipes Refill TXLL101 2XL

Antibacterial Gym Wipe Refill TXLL101

Antibacterial Gym Wipes Refill:

  • Pure & Clear formula for residue-free cleaning
  • Antibacterial Gym Wipes, 6 x 8
  • Helps fight germs while cleaning and deodorizing surfaces
  • Will not damage vinyl, rubber, leather, plastic, acrylic, metal, finished wood, and other non-porous surfaces
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Irritating
  • No harsh chemicals like alcohol, bleach, ammonia or phenol
  • Each refill pack contains 700 thick and durable 8″x 6″ towelettes; one wipe will clean any piece of equipment!

Size: 4 Packs/Carton


SDS Sheet

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Antibacterial GymWipes Refill:

GymWipes are the #1 selling wipe for fitness equipment, and the only cleaning solution that has been thoroughly tested and recommended by major fitness equipment manufacturers to ensure they will not damage any fitness center surface. Our customers invest in GymWipes to reduce equipment maintenance costs, improve member satisfaction, and help prevent the spread of germs and other dangerous pathogens. Unlike most wipes on the market, GymWipes Professional premoistened wipes will remove sweat and grime from electronic panels without damaging them. These fitness equipment wipes are specially manufactured to not tear or shred upon use.