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HT 820D Body Infrared Digital Thermometer

HT 820D Body Infrared Digital Thermometer

Precise and certified thermometer

During an epidemiological threat, equipping yourself with effective anti-virus tools is a key issue for citizens’ security. Body temperature measurement is one of the most popular preventive measures that can be used by individuals as well as companies and institutions. The HT-820D non-contact thermometer uses infrared to measure body temperature, thanks to which it can detect elevated and lowered temperature. Thanks to infrared, the examiner can keep a distance of up to 8 cm from the patient, and the device does not require constant disinfection. The measurement is displayed on the LCD panel and additionally, when the temperature is elevated, the color palette is changed from green to yellow and red. HT-820D is a proven, reliable product, which is confirmed by CE and ISO certificates granted after meeting restrictive EU standards.

For companies, institutions and hospitals

Contactless temperature measurement is now necessary almost everywhere. The HT-820D non-contact thermometer can be used, e.g. in nurseries, kindergartens, schools and colleges for routine health checks performed by teachers, lecturers or carers. These places are characterized by a large number of people appearing in them every day, and for this reason the use of a thermometer is of particular importance there. The HT-820D is also a great tool when inspecting many people at once, especially at airports, hospitals, borders and in retirement homes. The thermometer can also be used by state and public institutions: the Police, the Prison Service, the Customs Service, the Polish Post Office, the Railway Transport Office, the Civil Aviation Office and municipal, commune and provincial offices.


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