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Solution Tank 4 Gallon

Solution Tank 4 Gallon

Provides superior quality and durability with features designed to help improve cleaning performance, reduce labor time, and limit the utilization of chemicals.

Durable Construction

The large-capacity, 4-gallon tank features durable, damage-resistant, rotational-molded polyethylene, machined brass hardware, and a flow control valve which allows operators to properly manage the amount of solution used during cleaning. To further improve reliability and extend tank life longevity, special seal material, which is resistant to d-Limonene, is used within the main valve.

Attachable to Numerous Machines

The economically-priced shampoo tank features multiple mounting patterns and can quickly and easily be installed to work with a wide variety of machine mounts.

Designed with Professional Operators in Mind

An extra-wide opening makes tank filling easier and helps chemical spills. Visual gradation marks on the tank make it simple for operators to monitor volume levels and properly mix the solution to avoid wasted dollars. Connections to a water source are made using the included 2-foot water feed tube.

Capacity: 4 Gallon

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