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Windsor Kärcher Commodore Duo Commercial Carpet Extractor

Windsor Kärcher Commodore Duo Commercial Carpet Extractor

Commercial Two-Mode Machine For Carpet Extraction And Interim Encapsulation Cleaning

Multiple options in one machine, iCapsol Interim Cleaning, and deep extraction cleaning.

  • Change from interim to deep cleaning process at the turn of a switch—no mechanical changeover needed.
  • Floating dual counter-rotating brushes agitate and permeate the cleaners into both sides of the carpet nap for even, thorough cleaning and improved carpet appearance. No operator adjustment needed.
  • With the interim method using the iCapsol encapsulating chemical, the carpet is dry and ready for traffic in approximately 20 minutes.
  • iCapsol interim cleaning process extends the time before re-soiling occurs and reduces wicking.
  • The DUO machines provide exceptional maneuverability and visibility; their compact design makes it easy to operate in small areas.
  • Dual floating vac shoes with glides provide consistent contact even over uneven surfaces for unmatched cleaning with no operator adjustment needed.
  • Easy-to-use cleaning mode selection eliminates operator error and requires no mechanical changeover to switch modes.
  • Dual quick connect spray jets set for interim and deep extraction cleaning.
  • Dual counter-rotating brushes for agitating and permeating cleaners into carpet nap in one pass.
  • Dual overlapping vacuum shoes with glides minimize wear to carpet and provide consistent contact over uneven surfaces.
  • Optional fast and simple battery exchange system to provide extended run time.
  • Easy access to components for maintenance.


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Parts List (Newer Model)

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