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Windsor Kärcher Clipper Duo Commercial Carpet Extractor

Windsor Kärcher Clipper Duo Commercial Carpet Extractor

Commercial Two-Mode Machine For Carpet Extraction And Interim Encapsulation Cleaning

Deep restorative and iCapsol encapsulating interim cleaning processes in one machine.

  • With the Interim method using the iCapsol Encapsulating Chemical, the carpet is dry and ready for traffic in about 20 minutes
  • iCapsol Interim cleaning process extends the time before re-soiling occurs and reduces wicking
  • The Deep Restorative mode is activated by the simple change of a dial regulating the required detergent and water for deep down, fully restorative cleaning. No component changes required
  • Dual 16-inch counter-rotating brushes agitate and permeate the cleaners into both sides of the carpet nap for even, thorough cleaning
  • Powerful vacuum system extracts soil and solution fast and efficiently in the Deep Restorative mode; vacuum shoe is equipped with a glide strip to reduce surface friction
  • Floating brush system provides consistent brush contact with uneven surfaces
  • Soft grip Flip-N-Go handle allows operation in a walk-behind or pull-back mode
  • Built in on-board spray bottle holder provides an easy way to apply solution to heavily soiled spots
  • Efficiently designed for maximum maneuverability


Parts List (Older Model)

Parts List (Newer Model)

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