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NSS M-1 “Pig” Canister Vacuum

NSS M-1 Pig Canister Vacuum

The Model M-1 “Pig”® is the powerhouse vacuum from NSS® that leaves uprights in the dust. Loyal users call it the “Pig” because it loves dirt. Smart maintenance professionals use the “Pig” because it’s the longest-lasting, most versatile portable vacuum ever made.

  • This is one vacuum that does it all—hard floors, carpet, furniture, fixtures, and drapes.
  • With incredible suction and a lightweight wand, the “Pig” reaches up to 25 ft. overhead to clean areas other vacuums can’t—vents, beams, and even ceilings and skylights. Gone are the safety risks and exposure to insurance claims associated with using a ladder.
  • Machined from high quality materials and warranted for 7 years, the M-1 pays for itself quickly through low maintenance and repairs.
  • The large capacity, 48 quart dry filter bag permits extended use.
  • Available with a wide variety of tools, wands and hoses, the Model M- 1 “Pig” is the most versatile vacuum you’ll find anywhere.

Capacity: 48 quart
Cleaning Path: 12″


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