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AIRX Blood Spill and Body Fluid Kit #PCC

Airx Blood Spill and Body Fluid Kit #PCC

Everything needed is included in the AIRX Pathogen Compliance Center and the accompanying Blood Spill Kit. The BSK (Blood Spill Kit) that is included in the Compliance Center is a small but multi-purpose tool for proper cleaning and disinfecting of contaminants.  The Compliance Center also contains packets of personal protective gear and of equal importance, a summary of OSHA regulations, required training and procedural data.

The Airx Blood Spill and Body Fluid Kit combines a super absorbent powder, a heavy duty cleaner/disinfectant, a spray dispenser and a handy scoop in one convenient unit (assisting in meeting the universal standards of OSHA, the Public Health Service and others) for the prompt, correct removal of spills of blood, body fluids and excrement.

Size: 1 kit 

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THE PATHOGEN COMPLIANCE CENTER – See through case with illustrated instructions that even an untrained person can follow for proper clean-up and disinfection of blood and OPIM.

1. Summary of OSHA regulations.
2. Suggested training program.
3. Draft of required company policy regarding cleanup.
4. Two individual personal protection packs, each containing:
Eye shield, Pair of vinyl gloves, Shoe covers, Scraper/pusher for blood & OPIM, Red bio-hazard bag, Packet of hand sanitizer, Paper towel, Wall bracket.

5. The BSK is a small multi-purpose shovel-like tool that stores, dispenses and spreads a unique space age polymer to thicken spills of blood and OPIM for easier and more complete removal. The blade of the shovel is then merely twisted off to reveal a built-in sprayer that contains enough RX75 to clean and disinfect the contaminated area and the tool itself over and over again.
6. RX200 Hand Sanitizer.