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OptimaClean Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.0 oz

OptimaClean Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.0 oz

Providing Hand Sanitizer helps hotels ensure the confidence of travelers and housekeeping staff in a Covid-19 world.

OptimaClean/Convenient, Quality Hand Sanitizer. Great for hotels, travel, work, recreation and home.

  • Antiseptic gel
  • Helps decrease bacteria and germs on the skin that could cause disease
  • 63% v/v Ethyl Alcohol exceeds the CDC recommended 60% minimum of ethyl alcohol
  • Moisturizing | Fast Acting
  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Non-Sticky Formula
  • Made in the USA in an FDA registered facility
  • User-friendly 1.0 fl oz bottle with flip-top dispensing cap
  • Packaging is 100% Recyclable

SIZE:  150 / 1 oz per case 



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Good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to combat the spread of germs. OptimaClean Gel Hand Sanitizer is great for hand sanitizing on the go.

The rinse-free gel formula has a pleasant clean fresh scent and kills 99% of germs without water. It is suitable for use anywhere where hand hygiene is required when soap and water is unavailable. The OptimaClean Gel Hand Sanitizer contains 63% alcohol which is an effective level of alcohol to kill nasty germs and keep you and your family protected.

How To Use:
To use, simply apply the hand sanitizer on your hands, spread and rub over back of your hands and fingers. Allow hands to air dry.