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AIRX Carpet & Room Deodorizer #85

Airx Carpet & Room Deodorizer #85

RX 85 is a non-staining, crystalline compound, treated with AIRICIDE® Odor Counter- actant, to be sprinkled on carpets and in other areas harboring unpleasant odors.

Eliminates unpleasant odors in carpets, upholstered furniture, sand urns, ash trays, smoke filled rooms, automobiles, vans, campers, trucks, taxis, buses, airplanes, boats, refuse containers, compactors, dumpsters, trash chutes, crawl spaces, closets, floor drains, animal quarters, vacuum bags & tanks, etc.

Size: 12/2lbs tubs per case



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RX85 is a crystalline compound treated with AIRICIDE®, made primarily to deodorize carpets and to freshen the air around them. It is packaged in convenient shaker cans. Also can be used to sprinkle in cigarette urns, under the cushions of upholstered furniture, etc. RX85 works immediately and because it contains AIRICIDE® Odor Counter- actant, it’s not just a perfume, you use less and it has staying power for days. It is truly a commercial, institutional grade product and it safeguards

expensive commercial vacuum equipment. It contains no baking soda or cornstarch (as in household products) that can infiltrate and damage the bearings and other mechanical or electrical parts of expensive vacuum cleaners. Unlike household products, the RX85 crystals are colorless and need not be vacuumed up immediately, thus saving considerable time and unnecessary effort.

CONTAINS AIRICIDE® – Eliminates foul, musty odors from stale air, from sickness, cigar and cigarette smoking, fire, cooking, animals and pet accidents, etc. A true odor counteractant, not just a mask.

TIME RELEASE ODOR CONTROL – The AIRICIDE® in RX85 works instantly and is effective for days. First it eliminates odors in carpets and other places where used. Then it cancels odors in the vacuum tank. And finally, the exhaust from the vacuum deodorizes and freshens the air in the entire room.

COMMERCIAL/INSTITUTIONAL GRADE – Safer for expensive vacuum cleaners. RX85 is not a light powder.
It is a heavier crystalline product that contains no baking soda or cornstarch to infiltrate and damage bearings or other mechanical or electrical parts of your vacuum.

SAVES TIME – Virtually invisible as it immediately settles below the surface of carpet. Need not be vacuumed until much later, if at all. Competitive powders require vacuuming every time used.

STAYS DRY – Will not “cake” on damp carpets or if walked on with wet shoes.

MULTI-PURPOSE – In addition to its use on carpets, RX85 is excellent in eliminating foul odors when sprinkled in automo- biles, under cushions of upholstered furniture, in cigarette urns, trash and garbage containers, lockers, etc.

REDUCES STATIC CHARGE – Helps prevent static electrical charge that otherwise can build up in carpeting in cold, dry weather.

NON-COMBUSTIBLE – Will not support fire. It’s safe in storage and safe in use.