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Windsor Kärcher iCapsol Mini Encapsulation Interim Cleaner 9.840-302.0

Windsor Kärcher 9.840-302.0 iCapsol Mini Encapsulation Interim Cleaner

Low Moisture Commercial Encapsulation Interim Cleaner
  • Productively clean and freshen up carpet surfaces with less effort.
  • Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning process removes soil while improving the overall carpet appearance; carpet dries in about 20 minutes while reducing water and detergent consumption.
  • Uses Windsor Kärcher Group’s Red Carpet iCapsol Encapsulation Interim Cleaning Chemicals.
  • Unique brush system features two counter-rotating brushes to effectively clean and agitate both sides of the carpet nap.
  •  Counter-rotating brushes lift and groom the carpet pile, while the debris bin catches soil and debris.
  • Streamlined, compact design makes it easier for the operator to clean in congested areas.


9.840-302.0, 98403020

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