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Hillyard Large Microfiber Looped-End Tube Mop – Green

Hillyard Large Microfiber Looped-End Tube Mop - Green

Traditional string mop fibers push soil and do not absorb well, leaving behind filthy residue. Split microfiber attracts and captures soil, and absorbs moisture, within the splits of the fiber – removing soil, leaving the surface clean and residue free.


Higher Capacity & Absorption
High performance microfiber goes through a splitting process that leaves a cross-section of the fiber looking like an asterisk. The splits provide space to capture soil, bacteria and absorb liquid. Without splitting, a microfiber mop would act like a cotton mop and just push soil around. Most microfibers go through the splitting process once. Trident microfibers are split three times! More splits, more capacity, better cleaning results!

  • 5″ Mesh Head Band, Tail Band
  • Fits Handle HIL22711
  • Packed 12 per case


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