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Hillyard C3 Green Select Glass Cleaner

Hillyard C3 Green Select Glass Cleaner


Green Select Glass Cleaner will clean windows, TV Screens, porcelain, plastic, counter tops, restroom fixtures, and stainless steel. Works well as an all-purpose spray and wipe for any surface not harmed by water. Formulated to be effective with cold water, contains no phosphates and is biodegradable which means it has a lower impact on the environment. No volatile organic compounds and no added fragrance means Green Select Glass Cleaner has a positive effect on good indoor air quality.

  • Contains no hazardous ingredients.
  • Concentrated for economical cost-in-use.
  • Green Seal certified.

SIZE:  6 x 1/2 gallon contianers

SKU: HIL0071222

SDS Sheet

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