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AIRX Trash & Dumpster Cleaner Odor Counteractant #34

Airx Trash & Dumpster Cleaner Odor Counteractant #34

RX34 is a concentrated, heavy duty degreaser fortified with surfactants, orange oil solvent and Airicide.  It creates a clinging foam when mixed with water to help give extra dwell time and better cleaning.  RX34 can be used in conjunction with RX30 and RX31

Foul odors are bad for business and make your customers and employees unhappy.  A fresh, clean business or work place is less stressful and more uplifting.  There is nothing worse then garbage smells that your customers get hit with during the warmer days in the spring and summer.  If surfaces are not cleaned of the source of odors, those smells will keep coming back.  RX34 makes cleaning easy and cost efficient.

Size: 4×1 gallon 

SDS Sheet


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