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Hillyard Defcon-2D Dispensing Kit

Hillyard Defcon-2D Dispensing Kit


Defcon-2D dispensing kit:

  • Sealed system for safety.
  • I-Force Dispenser
  • Special metering tips & caps
  • Low Flow: 1GPM
  • High Flow: 9GPM

Size: Each

SKU: HIL99724

Product Info

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The Better Way to Tackle Industrial Degreasing & Cleaning

Buying drums of industrial degreasers and cleaners? There’s a better way to tackle the tough job and eliminate the hazards associated with drum packaging. Defcon-2D is the super-concentrated, closed-loop cleaning and degreasing system that eliminates the problems associated with drums. Problems like dangerous handling, chemical spills and exposure, environmental disposal, storage and excess inventory costs are a thing of the past.

Defcon-2D provides safe, closed loop dispensing of high-performance degreaser packaged in convenient 2.5 gallon containers. Each container can yield up to 1,000 gallons of ready-to-use solution. Use the dual flow dispenser to fill buckets and scrubbers at nine gallons per minute or fill bottles at one gallon per minute.  ​

​​​Dilution Control

Interchangeable tips in the dispenser deliver accurate, cost-effective, ready-to-use cleaning solution.

Sealed System

The container is sealed for safety. The dispensing cap mates with bottle insert to draw chemical from container.​

Dual Flow

Dual flow rates allow for fast and accurate filling. Fill buckets at up to nine gallons per minute and bottles at one gallon per minute.