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Hillyard MT Concrete Seal

Hillyard MT Concrete Seal

HIL0049206, HIL0049207 

MT Concrete Seal provides fast-drying clear coat protection for improved dust control, excellent gloss, and enhanced durability under pedestrian traffic, cart traffic, and power dolly traffic. MT Concrete Seal makes floor cleaning easy, and it is part of the Hillyard Concrete Defense system. Hillyard Concrete Defense changes the way coatings are applied – delivering professional results without the cost of professional application. Traditional coatings, designed for in-house application, often fail because surface preparation is too complicated and labor intensive. Our proprietary primer-based system greatly simplifies prep work – eliminating typical steps like acid-etching, grinding and shot-blasting. MT Concrete Seal is designed to be used with Hillyard Concrete Primer. Hillyard Concrete Primer chemically bonds the coating to the surface, resulting in a protective shell that looks great and performs well under traffic. Get professional results, get Hillyard Concrete Defense.

  • Urethane acrylic blend.
  • No-mix single component, water-based low odor formulation.
  • Dries in 3 hours under normal conditions.

Size: 4×1 gallon, 5 gallon 

SKU: HIL0049206, HIL0049207

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