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Hillyard HTG Concrete Seal Grey

Hillyard HT Concrete Seal Grey

HIL0050006, HIL0050007

HTG(gray) Concrete Seal is a 2-part, high-solid epoxy resin formulation for extreme durability that dries gray. Use HTG to transform bare concrete or previously coated concrete floors into showroom caliber floors that deliver the ultimate in protection and appearance. For ultimate results, apply a complete 4 level system consisting of Hillyard Concrete Primer, HTG Concrete Seal, Decorative Flakes, and HT Clear Concrete Seal. Or, apply HTG Gray as a single coat over Hillyard Concrete Primer.

  • Extreme duty, 2-part high solids epoxy resin.
  • Great hot tire resistance.
  • Designed for indoor use, low odor, 12 hour dry time.

Size: 1 gallon kit, 5 gallon kit 

SKU: HIL0050006, HIL0050007

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