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Hillyard Concrete Primer

Hillyard Concrete Primer

HIL0050106, HIL0050107

Hillyard Concrete Primer promotes adhesion by bonding and fusing the top coat seal to the surface and is to be used as a system with Hillyard LT, MT, HT, and HTG seals. As part of the Hillyard Concrete DefenseĀ® system, Concrete Primer is a safer floor prep alternative and eliminates typical steps like acid-etching, grinding and shot-blasting, making it easier to get professional results with in-house floor finish expertise. The innovative proprietary acrylic formulation maintains a slight tack to adhere to both the surface and top coat seal. Concrete Primer cures with the top coat to provide a durable, bonded protective coating system.

  • Proprietary acrylic formulation promotes adhesion.
  • Safer alternative to acid-etching.
  • Eliminates the need for labor-intensive grinding or shot blasting.

Size: 4×1 gallon, 5 gallonĀ 

SKU: HIL0050106, HIL0050107

SDS Sheet

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