Kärcher iCapsol Mini Deluxe Encapsulation Interim Cleaner BRS 43/500 C Deluxer

Low Moisture Commercial Encapsulation Interim Cleaner with Chemical Spray Tank
Quick to clean, quick to dry, the BRS 43/500 C encapsulation carpet cleaner is the productive solution for interim cleaning in busy areas. While standard extraction methods can take hours for carpet to dry, this encapsulation carpet cleaner can get the job done in under an hour. The BRS 43/500 C utilizes an onboard spraying system to disperse an encapsulating chemical onto the carpet, and then uses its unique counter-rotating brush system to agitate the chemical for thorough distribution. The encapsulating product draws the soil from the fiber, surrounds it, and dries it into hard, non-sticky micro-crystals in under 30 minutes. The dried crystals can then be removed easily by vacuuming. The result is carpet that is clean, dry, and ready for use. The BRS 43/500 C is a marvel that makes interim carpet cleaning fast and easy.




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