Windsor Kärcher 8.695-227.0 iCapsol W455-4 Encapsulation Cleaning Chemical

iCapsol Encapsulating Interim Cleaning Chemical: This Windsor chemical contains the latest in detergent polymer advancements, offering superior soil encapsulation and quick removal from carpet by vacuuming. Ideal product when down time for cleaning is limited. (W450-4/8.695-226.0)

iCapsol Encapsulating Interim Cleaning Chemical with Carpet Protection: This Chemical offers all the features and benefits of the original encapsulation chemical, plus it includes a special fluoropolymer that provides increased stain resistance for commercial nylons and nylon blends. (W455-4/8.695-227.0)

Windsor’s iCapsol Encapsulation technology is available on a wide variety of machines, including the DUO family of carpet extractors (Voyager DUO, Commodore DUO, and Clipper DUO), the Chariot iCapsol, and the iCapsol mini.

SIZE:  4X1 gal, 1 gal


8.695-227.0, 86952270


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