Protective Isolation Face Shield Mask Disposable

Wearing a disposable protective isolation mask can provide extra protections for people who work at the front line of fighting coronavirus. This full length disposable protective isolation mask can prevent respiratory droplets getting into your eyes, nose and mouth to protect your from coronavirus.

When should I wear a disposable face shield mask?

When you are going to have contact with a coronavirus patient, a face shield mask can fully cover your face to prevent respiratory droplets spread by the patient from getting into your eyes, nose and mouth.

These clear protective isolation masks are lightweight, it’s comfort to wear one. They are made of clear PET for maximum visibility.

  • Used For:This PET face shield mask is designed for procedures and environments where risk of exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids through splashing is possible. Provide fully protection for your eyes and face.
  • Super Clear:Double-sided anti-fog, no-glare lens, our face shield is made of super transparent, recyclable PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).
  • Comfortable to Wear:The face shield is equipped with a foam forehead band and soft elastic headband, make it comfortable to wear, even wearing glasses.


Pack: 120/CS

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