Powr-Flite M1600-3 Millenium Edition 1600 RPM Floor Machine 20 Inch

Powr-Flite’s 1,600 RPM Millennium Edition Burnisher maximizes efficiency with a patented housing design and precision balanced weight distribution. Eliminating the need for a compensating caster, the Powr-Flite 1,600 RPM Millennium Edition Burnisher combines high RPM with full pad-to-floor contact, providing that high gloss “wet look” shine.

• 1,600 RPM burnishers provide great results on all types of floor finishes
• Included, 20″ flexible pad driver allows full pad-to-floor contact (no compensating caster)
• Thumb activated safety interlock switch prevents accidental start ups
• Full surround non-marking bumpers help prevent damage to walls and furniture
• Each machine is assembled and tested by skilled American workers

A flexible, self-adjusting pad driver burnishes unlevel surfaces evenly, offering exceptionally smooth operation. The patented design combined with precision balanced weight distribution eliminates the need for a compensating caster – the entire pad touches the floor.

Pad drivers sold separately.

Diameter: 20″




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