Aquamenities Paya Stainless Steel Dispenser

The Aquamenities dispenser program effortlessly blends sophistication and sustainability allowing properties a refined answer to one of the pressing hotel waste concerns. This locking, tamper-resistant and easy to use design is made with high grade US stainless steel without sacrificing design aesthetics. Dispensers are available in 3 unit, 2 unit or single unit options and installation is easy with a secure mounting system that requires no drilling. The bottles are made from the most recyclable resin available, PET plastic. Aquamenities studies have shown that properties can expect an average of 40-60% reduction in cost and a 98% reduction in waste each year. An elegant step towards sustainability.

Eco Friendly Elegance – Made in USA the bottles are customized to the Paya brand and feature a unique view window which allows your staff to see when it is time to refill.

Installation is simple and quick with specially formulated tape there is no need to drill into your tile. The one-piece design and locking mechanism ensure tamper-resistant security and peace of mind for you and your guest.

Its slim lines compliment any shower enclosure. The fixture measures 7”H x 8”W x 1 ¾” D, and weighs just under 2 pounds.

The fixture comes with two bottles for each liquid. One filled bottle goes into the dispenser and the other filled bottle is stored in housekeeping. When the initial bottle is low simply replace it with the filled bottle from housekeeping. No need for daily refilling.

Paya gallon fill available from Capital Supply


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PAYA® – provides guests the ultimate experience in luxurious personal care in a contemporary and eco-friendly way.

• A distinct, upscale brand with an eco-conscious philosophy that complements today’s modern, healthful lifestyles.
• Warm, luscious papaya nourishes the skin and hair with antioxidants and vitamins.
• Bright fragrance draws upon the exotic, succulent scent of papaya and mangosteen, an aromatic super-fruit native to Asia.
• Orange peel acts as a natural exfoliant in face & body and bath soaps.
• No parabens, banned phthalates, or mineral oil, diethanolamine or formaldehyde.
• Liquid formulations feature a refreshing blend of extracts including organic papaya, pink grapefruit, grape seed, tangerine, organic sweet orange, and organic lavender.
• Made in the USA