Kimberly Clark Kleenex Naturals Boutique Box Facial Tissue 21272

Our new KLEENEX® Naturals Facial Tissue is made with SOFTBLEND* Fiber, the perfect blend of soft, virgin fiber and 20% post-consumer recycled fiber. The result is a quality tissue that meets the high standards of KLEENEX® Brand – and exceeds EPA minimum standards for post-consumer waste content in facial tissue. The natural choice for environmental performance and comfort. KLEENEX® Naturals Facial Tissue is another example of our commitment to providing quality brand-name products that help preserve our environment while satisfying the needs and preferences of our customers. Offer the Brand They Prefer • KLEENEX® Brand is preferred for public restrooms more than any other leading brand. • KLEENEX® Brand is America’s #1 choice of facial tissue. • Show customers you care about quality with brands they know and trust.

FSC Certified
Tracks FSC certified material from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.

EPA Certified
Our products meet or exceed EPA guidelines for minimum post-consumer waste content: towels 40%, bathroom tissue 20%, facial tissue 10%

SIZE:  36 boxes / 96 per box


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