HOST Reliant


Here’s what the HOST Reliant does for you:

An excellent starter machine

Has counter-rotating brushes that lift pile to revive matted traffic lanes and dislodge soil from carpet fibers for deep cleaning

Superior for small cleaning jobs

Ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs.

Excellent for cleaning grout tilted floors. (Red Brushes Needed) for grout cleaning




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Flooring downtime in the hospitality industry means lost revenue. Why shutdown large ballrooms, hotel guest rooms, corridors and lobbies and inconvenience customers to allow flooring to dry?  Since HOST® is a dry extraction cleaning system, cleaning carpet and textured flooring is simple and can be accomplished easily and the area is never taken out of service to allow for drying time.

And because HOST® is a dry extraction cleaning system, maintenance staff can clean carpets and textured hard floors any time of the day whenever the area is available, instead of waiting until the middle of the night.