Hillyard Touch Free Roll Towel Dispenser Hands Free Wave'n Dry® PAP42500

The Wave’n Dry« dispenser pioneered the touch free towel dispensing market. This dispenser is the first electronic roll towel system to offer totally touch free dispensing. The only thing you touch is your personal towel. The towel is stored fully protected inside the dispenser until you request service by passing your hand or arm underneath the sensor. There are no levers, buttons or cranks to touch. This is particularly important in public restrooms, food preparation and healthcare environments where prevention of cross-contamination is a concern. This dispenser supports the principles of HACCP.

  • Sensor is pointed downward to eliminate sensitivity issues and allow for flexible installation
  • Batteries can be installed directly into the battery holder
  • Controls usage with adjustable towel and delay settings
  • Stub roll feature eliminates service interruptions
  • Accommodates a variety of controlled towel choices in DublSoft«, EcoSoft and EcoSoft Green Seal« brands
  • Color Black Translucent

SIZE: 12″ X 15 7/8″  X 10 3/8″


Fits 22000 Towels

Fits 38006 Towels

Fits 10110 Towels

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