Hillyard Tip Off Gym Finish

HIL0028206, HIL0028207

Hillyard Tip-Off is the gym finish you can trust to deliver unsurpassed ease of application, fast. With Tip-Off, there’s no mixing, no stirring or complicated application. Instead Tip-Off provides a quick, beautiful, water-based solution to wood gym floor care.

  • No mixing, stirring or complicated application.
  • Recoating in only 4 hours.
  • Low VOC and odor.

Size: 4×1 gallon, 1 gallon


SDS Sheet

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PREPARATION: NEW OR FRESHLY SANDED WOOD: After the floor has been properly sanded and screened, tack the entire floor with HILLYARD KLEEN- UP SOLVENT. Allow the floor to dry a minimum of one hour. TIP-OFF may be used as a stand-alone seal and finish, or two coats of HILLYARD BASECOAT may be applied before marking and painting. NOTE: Test light colored or white stained floors for compatibility before applying TIP- OFF.

SCRUB AND RE-COAT: Floor can be scrubbed and coated the same day. Scrub with 2 oz. of HILLYARD SUPER SHINE-ALL per gallon of water using 120 grit discs (250 sq. ft. per side of disc) under a single brush floor machine (use a white pad between the pad holder and the disc). Pick up the solution with a wet vacuum and damp mop rinse twice with clean water. Work small areas and do not flood floor. Allow the floor to dry one hour. Tack the floor with terry cloth towels dampened with HILLYARD TACK-IT. Allow floor to dry at least 30 minutes. If you choose to dry screen, be sure to sweep, vacuum, and tack until the floor is completely dust free.

APPLICATION: Before applying TIP- OFF, tack the floor a final time with a cleaning cloth similar to HILLYARD Item CHI415. Apply at a coverage rate of 500-700 square feet per gallon with a clean synthetic applicator, HILLYARD POWER-FLO, MULTI- FLO, or light weight T-Bar applicator. Two coats of TIP-OFF are recommended for re-coating floors, and four coats are recommended if product is used as a seal and finish for new or freshly sanded floors. Avoid leaving puddles of finish on the floor. Allow first coat to dry at least four hours, abrade with maroon pads (250 sq. ft. per side of pad), and tack with TACK-IT. If TIP-OFF dries longer than 48 hours, abrade with 150 grit discs. Apply the second coat of TIP-OFF in the same manner. After second coat is dry and abraded as above, tack with TACK-IT before applying any game lines. Use only HILLYARD CONTENDER PAINT, allow to dry overnight, abrade with maroon pads, and tack with TACK-IT. Apply two more coats of TIP-OFF with at least four hours dry time between coats. Do not use floor for at least 72 hours and wait one week for scheduled activities.

NOTE: Turn on the exhaust system two to four hours after each application of TIP-OFF. If after abrading, the floor sits for longer than 24 hours before being coated, re-abrade and tack before applying additional seal or finish coats to prevent peeling from occurring. If BASECOAT is used as the seal coat, it must be abraded with maroon pads immediately prior to application of finish coats.

CLEAN-UP: Use warm water to clean application equipment.
IMPORTANT: Prior to re-coating, use HILLYARD CONTENDER LINE PAINT to touch up game lines following label

directions. Worn areas should be patched in with TIP-OFF prior to re-coating the entire floor.

MAINTENANCE: Dust mop daily with Hillyard Super Hil-Tone, Hil-Mist, or Hil-Treat. Clean badly soiled floors with Super Shine-All.

NOTE: For wood substrates only.

NOTE: Best results are obtained with adequate ventilation and floor temperature above 60 deg.F (16 deg.C). Temperature and humidity affect curing properties; low humidity may cause the coating to dry too quickly. Floor temperature should be between 60 deg F. and 95 deg. F. During the drying process,avoid direct drafts on floor. Do not use cleaners on TIP-OFF until coating has cured one week. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not pour unused finish back into container.

NOTICE: Saw dust from freshly sanded floors or dust from wood floors that have been abraded between coats will spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after abrading or sanding wood floors, place dust waste in a sealed, water-filled metal container and immediately remove from building.

NOTICE: Rags or applicators soaked in a combustible liquid will spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after using rags or applicators soaked in a combustible liquid, place waste in a sealed, water-filled metal container and immediately remove from building.