Hillyard Soft Surface Sanitizer


For use on soft surfaces such as: soft household surfaces, upholstery, fabric, upholstered couches, sofas, chairs, seat cushions, upholstered cushions, pillows, upholstered furniture, fabric window treatments, curtains, draperies, shower curtains, laundry, diaper bags, back packs, fabric hampers, pet bedding, blankets, upholstered car seats, stuffed animals, and toys. Active ingredients: Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium cchloride 3.255%, Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 1.302%, Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 1.953%, Alkyl (C14, 50%; C12, 40%; C16, 10%) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 4.340%, Other Ingredients: 89.150%.

  • Deodorizes by killing microorganisms that cause offensive odors.
  • Effectively controls malodors.
  • Effective soft surface sanitizer

SIZE: 1 gallon 

SKU: HIL0091906

SDS Sheet

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