Hillyard Hand Defense Skin Moisturizer


Hand Defense Skin Moisturizer helps restore moisture in the skin. Dry, cracked skin gives way to harmful, illness-causing irritants, dirt and germs while letting essential oils and moisture escape. Keeping the outer layer of skin clean and moisturized helps the skin stay intact, keeping illness-causing irritants, dirt, and germs at bay. For use with Hand Defense 1250 dispenser HIL22298. Also works with Affinity manual dispensers, HIL22280 and HIL22281.

  • Silicone-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Contains allantoin to help moisturize
  • Size: 1,250ml

SIZE:  4 x 1250ml 

SKU: HIL0041203

SDS Sheet

Fits Dispenser 22288

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