Hillyard Arsenal® One QC Dispenser Ð E Gap 99702

The Arsenal® One QC # Quick Change Multi-Product Dispenser is a compact dual product dispenser that safely and automatically dilutes Arsenal One brand 2.5 liter chemical concentrates with water to create cost-effective, ready-to-use cleaning/disinfecting formulas. The dispenser is used to fill spray bottles, buckets and autoscubbers. Side A is the dedicated product slot used for disinfectants and sanitizers. Side B is the quick change slot. Simply slide a refill into the slot and an innovative docking station automatically engages the bottle insert. You will hear a #click# as the dock engages. Simply pull the refill out and the docking station disengages and releases the refill bottle. There is no assembly required. Simply attach the water supply hose and easily mount the dispenser with the included hardware. ASSE 1055B certified. Clear water access. Simple push button operation.

SIZE: 14.25in. Wide x 18in. Tall x 8in. Deep


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