Hillyard A-Gressive® Staining & Mark Remover Pads 30312

This innovative cleaning product is powered by the microscopic abrasive qualities of genuine melamine resin-based foam. When combined with water, the unique properties of gentle abrasion & conformability “erase” away stains and marks often untouched by many chemical products. This breakthrough approach to cleaning is environmentally sensitive and ideal for use in the most restrictive of regulatory concerns as it requires no traditional cleaning chemicals or VOCs. The addition of the blue durability strip provides dimensional stability to harness both the power and the longevity of each individual eraser.

  • # Advanced Technology Melamine Foam Construction
  • # Use with Ordinary Tap Water Only – No Other Chemicals or VOCs
  • Needed
  • # Fortified with Blue Durability Strip for Maximum Life
  • # Easily Conforms to Contours & Grooves to Get to the Tough Stuff
  • # Ideal for Cleaning Crayon, Marker, Ink, Lipstick, Tea & Coffee
  • Stains, Soap Scum, Scuff Marks, Fingerprints, Hard Water Spots,
  • Red Wine Stains, Nicotine Film, Rust Spots, Pencil, Carbon
  • Residue, Burn Marks & Moore

SIZE: 24 Pads Per Case


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