Georgia Pacific Cormatic® Black Mechanical Designer Series Roll Towel Dispenser HDS200B

High-capacity Cormatic® mechanical roll towel dispenser helps you control costs with style. Our completely hands-free roll towel dispensers feature no buttons, levers or cranks, which help improve hygiene and control operating costs through waste and maintenance reduction. This self-locking dispenser is designed to discourage pilferage while making towel dispensing a breeze. Choose our Cormatic® dispenser for a cost-effective system solution that is suitable for any washroom.

  • Highly durable, long lasting dispenser
  • Customized inserts available
  • High capacity dispenser reduces maintenance intervals and reduces the risk of run out for tenant satisfaction
  • Attractive design coordinates with washroom to enhance facility image
  • Portion control mechanism reduces waste by 25-35 percent by limiting the amount of product dispensed each time to lower towel costs

SIZE: 13.800″ x 9.200″ x 13.600″


Fits 2930P Towels

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