Hillyard Take Down Cherry

HIL0046604, HIL0046606, HIL0046609 

Works naturally to destroy odors at their source. Unlike many products that simply mask odors, Take Down uses safe, natural bacteria and enzymes to eliminate stubborn odors. Plus there are no harsh chemicals to worry about. The bacteria simply die when their job is done and convert to carbon dioxide and water. Take Down can be safely used in a variety of applications including restrooms, floors, carpet, garbage containers, cigarette urns, and anywhere foul odors are a problem.

  • Uses safe, natural bacteria and enzymes to destroy odors.
  • Can be used as an additive in cleaning solutions.
  • Pleasant Cherry fragrance.

Size: 12/32oz, 4×1 gallons, 55 gallon 

HIL0046604, HIL0046606, HIL0046609 



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